Grover Beach California City Building Regulations


Sec.  9117.1.       Purpose. (C-B-D) 
The Central Business District is intended as a pedestrian-oriented commercial district that provides for  a balance of retail, civic, office, and residential uses. Active evening uses and street life are encouraged.

Sec. 9117.2.        Uses permitted. (G-B-D)
See Table 1 (following part 22) for a list of permitted uses. Permitted uses are identified with a ''P'' in the column headed ''C-B-D.''

Sec  9117.3.       Uses Permitted Subject  to Obtaining a Use Permit (G-B-D)
See Table 1 (following part 22) for a list of uses permitted subject to issuance of a Use Permit. Conditionally permitted uses are identified with a ''UP'' in the column headed ''C-B-D.''

Sec  9117.4        Accessory Buildings and Uses Permitted. (C-B-D)

          (A) Accessory buildings only if constructed simultaneously with or subsequent to the main building on the same lot.

          (B) Accessory uses normally incidental to uses permitted.

          (C) Sidewalk cafes as an accessory use to a legally established restaurant or other eating and drinking establishment provided the standards                 and requirements set forth in Section 9137.22 of this Chapter are met.

Sec. 9117.5.       Architectural Features. (C-B-D)
          (A) Architectural features such as cornices eaves, canopies, awnings, marquees or similar projections may encroach a maximum of
                thirty-six(36) inches into any public right-of-way, providing a minimum of eight (8) feet clearance is maintained to grade of sidewalk.
          (B) Flower boxes, planters and architectural features placed on grade shall not exceed thirty-six (36) inches above the grade or sidewalk and                 shall not exceed a twelve (12) inch encroachment.
          (C) No encroachment shall be permitted into a vehicle traffic way.

Sec. 9117.6.        Maximum Allowable Height (C-B-D)
The maximum building or structural height of all buildings shall be three (3) stories and shall not exceed forty (40) feet. 


Sec. 9117.7.       Minimum Building Site and Lot Width Required. (G-B-D)

(A) Minimum building site.

          (1)   Mixed residential-commercial developments: Five thousand (5,000) square feet.

          (2) All other uses: Twenty-five hundred (2,500) square feet.

  (B) Minimum lot width:

          (1) Mixed residential-commercial developments: Fifty (50) feet.

          (2) All other uses: Twenty-five (25) feet.

Sec. 9117.8.      Maximum Building Site Coverage by Buildings or Structures. (C-B-D)
The maximum coverage of a lot by all structures may be one hundred (100) percent less required parking, landscaping, and minimum yards.

Sec. 9117.9.       Minimum Yards Required. (C-B-D)
Front, side and rear yards: None specified except when lot abuts a lot in a residential District, then ten (10) feet.

Sec. 9117.10.      Fences and Walls. (C-B-D)
Fences and wails are permitted but not required except when contiguous to any residential District; then such fences and walls shall be required to the maximum height set out in this Section. Fences and wales shall not exceed six (6) feet in height, and where the same are located adjacent to any access into a public street the same shall not exceed three (3) feet in height unless the conditions outlined in Section 9137.13 (D) are met.

Sec. 9117.11.      Minimum Off-street Parking Required. (C-B-D)
The provisions of Section 9138.1 and 9138.9 shall apply in determining the amount of parking space that must be provided for each use. The parking space and loading areas shall be improved as set forth in Part 38.

Sec. 9117.12.       Elevations, Site Plans and Landscaping Approval. (C-B-D)
(A) Development of property in the ''C-B-D'' District shall require Architectural Approval, as set forth in Section 9144.3 of this Chapter, prior to building permit application submittal. The application shall be accompanied by detailed architectural drawings and site plans, all to a workable scale, showing the elevation and location of proposed buildings and the following additional information:

          (1) Location and type of landscaping. Landscape plans shall be prepared by qualified professionals.

          (2) Use and treatment of grounds around buildings and structures.

          (3) Off-street parking.

          (4) Physical features, such as trees, utility poles, hydrants, floodlights, driveways, fences, signs, trash enclosures, and proposed
                drainage facilities.

          All development shall be in accordance with the approved plans prior to final inspection by the Building Department.

(B) Landscaping: Minimum landscaping required is five (5) percent of the gross area of the building site. Such landscaping shall be maintained to the approval of the Planning Commission as a condition of the use.

Sec. 9117.13.         Adult-oriented Recreational Businesses. (C-B-D)

(A) The following described businesses are deemed to be adult-oriented recreational businesses, and shall only be permitted in the Central Business District (C-B-D):
          (1) Adult bookstores.

          (2) Adult motion picture theaters.

          (3) Adult mini-motion picture theaters.

          (4) Cabarets.

          (5) Coin-operated adult entertainment facilities.

          (6) Massage parlors (see Section 3900 sq. seq. of the Grover Beach Municipal Code).

          (7) Body painting studios.

          (8) Dance halls.

          (9) Model studios.

          (10) Sexual encounter studios and rap parlors.

          (11) Narcotic or drug paraphernalia shops (see Section 3220 et. seq. of the Grover Beach Municipal Code).

(B) Location Requirements: An adult-oriented recreational business shall only be located in the ''C-B-D'' District, and no such business shall be located within one hundred (100) feet of residentially zoned areas, which is measured radially from any proposed location to the boundary line of said residentially zoned or used properties or is located within five hundred (500) feet measured radially of any building site containing a school, park, church, or playground. Furthermore, no adult-oriented recreational business shall be located within one thousand (1,000) feet of another adult-oriented recreational business measured radially.

(C) Specific Standards: All building openings, entries and windows from adult entertainment establishments shall be located, covered or screened in such a manner as to prevent a view into the interior from any public or semi-public area, including public sidewalks, streets, arcades, hallways, or passageways, of any material which has as its primary or dominant theme matter depicting, illustrating, describing, or relating to specified anatomical areas, or of drug paraphernalia, as defined in the Municipal Code.

          Further, such businesses may not have signs, graphics, or window displays which in any way present, depict,
          illustrate, or describe any such material.

Sec. 9117.14.        Standards for Residential Uses. (C-B-D)

Residential dwelling units within the ''C-B-D'' District are subject to the following standards in addition to those set forth above:

(A) A U se Permit is required for the establishment development of a mixed residential and commercial

(B) The maximum density is twenty (20) dwelling units per gross acre.

(C) The dwelling units shall be located on the second floor or above of the building.

(D) The dwelling unit shall not comprise more than fifty (50) percent of the total floor area of all buildings on the site.

(E) Parking for the dwelling unit shall be provided as set forth in Pad 38 in addition to the required parking
      for the commercial use on the site.

(F) Perimeter fencing shall be required to the maximum height allowed in Section 9117.10.

(G) The private open space requirements described in Section 9114.12 (C) for the ''M-U'' District shall apply to
       mixed use developments in the ''C-B-D'' District.

City of Grover Beach Zoning Regulations IX..64 August 15, 1996

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