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Arroyo Grande Real Estate

Located on California's Central Coast, Arroyo Grande enjoys a number of natural advantages: a climate that could be considered nearly perfect, a rich history, and breathtaking scenic views from almost every point within the city's 5.45 square miles. This historic city was founded in 1832 by cattle ranchers. It was soon after settled by farmers who not only planted crops, but the roots of an agricultural tradition that still thrives to this day.

The economy of Arroyo Grande CA is still based primarily on agriculture; however, tourism attracts thousands of visitors each year, which contributes to the local economy. Local festivals and cultural events foster a sense of community, as well. Arroyo Grande is truly a special place, in a strategic location. Halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, it offers a peaceful retreat from city life with all the amenities one could wish for.


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