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Internet Marketing

The Real Estate Agents with C. Green Real Estate Co. use 15 years of internet advertising experience as part of the Marketing Plan for your property. 86% of new homes sold were located first by the Buyer on the internet.  The home website for the company is located at http://www.CGreenRealEstate.com and http://www.CGreenRE.com. This real estate website targeting just the central coast of California is one of the top 500K websites on the net. Over 20,000 searches for homes are performed by over 12,000 visitors each month. In addition to the home website, the Brokerage continues to market properties through CarmenGreen.com. This website has been on the net since 1996 and continues to have high search result placements with Google, Yahoo and Bing, in many cases it is the top organic result for prime search phrases.

By using third party real estate web advertising companies we expand the exposure of our properties getting a wide coverage for your property. The marketing performed through Craigslist, Trulia, Real Estate Book and ResortScape, highlights our properties across a variety of publishers sites including Golf.com, Google and Yahoo's real estate promotion pages. Pay-Per-Click advertising is focused on all aspects of real estate in our market bringing in the widest range of buyers possible. Programs with Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as web directory advertising formats have kept the high numbers of traffic to our website and the nightly refresh of Real Estate inventory keeps our content current.

We have also developed pages for Mobile distribution of property information on cell phones. This new outlet has specific requirements to make the information available to the "small-screen" format. We have two outlets Cgreenre.mobi and CGreenRealEstate.mobi for this format and we will be updating our mobile sites as functionality is made available to web phone browsers.

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Print Media Marketing

Traditional print media is part of C. Green Real Estate Company's regular marketing program. Although 85% of home buyers use the internet is their primary resource, we continue to use local print avenues to advertise our inventory. These resources target the local population and the vacationing out-of-towners. By using New Times for locals, Central Coast Magazine which is placed in hotel rooms, and the Telegram Tribune for Open-Houses and special promotions we stay well branded in our community.

Internet Placements
C> Green Real Estate Property on ResortScape a Premium Real Estate website

internet Real Estate Advertising by C. Green Real Estate Co.

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Print Media

Central Coast Magazine
Central Coast Magazine

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